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Thursday, September 14, 2006


They say that every blogger gets a blogger's block at some time or the other. I haven't really written in a while. Part of the reason is that I have been immersed neck deep in professional commitments. The other part is that the blog was not doing much in terms of helping me purge out my emotions which was its initial objective in the first place.

Anyways, I am still single but I do have something going on. I have kind of become superstitious about these things lately and will hold off on writing about it for now. In the last few months, I have had a chance to meet with a few other Sikh guys who are in a similar age bracket and in kind of similar situation as I. Most of them do agree that the story about Sikh women and turbans is not an urban legend but a tangible reality and they have related to me real life incidents to prove the point. The good thing is these guys have had a better luck with non-Indian non-Sikh women who seem to be more understanding and more adapting. One of my new friends summed it well:" I am not going to waste my life trying to convince Sikh women to love me. I am going to find love wherever I can. And if I find a woman who loves me, I am not going to care who she is. And if Sikh women don't want me, too bad for them."

I mostly agree with his thoughts even though I think such a thought process does not do a didly squat about the real problem but I think there is only so much one can do.

Anyways, another anniversary of 9/11 sneaked past us. The day that changed the world and showed us all the grim realities of life. Five thousand innocent lives destroyed in a matter of hours. It was also the anniversary of the murder of Balbir Sodhi as part of a brutal hate crime. If nothing else, this day should serve as a reminder to all of us to work towards increasing awareness about Sikhs in the world. I know a few people are diligently working towards that goal but clearly a lot more grime and blood needs to be put in.

One thing that has been bugging me for the past few months has been the fact that turbaned Sikhs are not allowed to serve in the US Army. We, as Sikhs, strive to live upto the stature of Saint Soldiers. I am sure there are those among us, who would like to fight against the evil of terror by enlisting in the armed forces. Yet, it is unfortunate that such a thing is not possible. I think it is important for Sikh leaders to work towards the goal of a change in laws that would allow young turbaned Sikhs to join the US Armed forces. This would help to improve the visibility of Sikhs and exponentially increase awareness about Sikhs.

I know I broke away from the tradition of my blog and talked about something other than my search for a wife. But variety is the spice of life and my blog is no exception. Anyways, to revert to the hopeless romantic that I am, I will end this post with following words of Omar Khayyam:

Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough,
A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse - and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness -
And Wilderness is Paradise enow.

Suffice it to say, that my wilderness may not be too far from Paradise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dhan Bhag Sade,
Jo darshan Hoye Tohade.

Harry Ji,
Wah, Wah, Wah !

8:47 PM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's good to see you back!
I just wanted to say that the canadians allowed sardas in the army and the RCMP which is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. look up Baltej singh Dhillon. He was the first sardar in the RCMP
*Ms A in Canada

4:35 PM, September 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ms A" in Canada,

From your title "Ms", it appears you are unmarried. From your post , it appears you really missed Harry. So why don't you marry Dr Harry and become Dr Mrs Harry from merely Ms A? It will shed Harry's doubts also that Sikh girls do not like Sikh guys

1:48 PM, September 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon Above,
You completly missed my point. I don't see you suggesting the first commentor to marry Harry because of what they wrote. My point alone was to shed light on what Harry wrote about the army and how Canada allowed Sardars and Sardarni's to join their forces.

10:25 AM, September 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon Above,
You completly missed my point. I don't see you suggesting the first commentor to marry Harry because of what they wrote. My point alone was to shed light on what Harry wrote about the army and how Canada allowed Sardars and Sardarni's to join their forces.

10:27 AM, September 18, 2006  
Blogger Sifar said...


The Army issue is already under disscussion. Here is the link for you to read.

U.S. Sikh leader Lobbies President Bush and Manmohan Singh for Sikh issues at White House State Dinner

9:01 AM, September 20, 2006  
Anonymous Puneet2 said...

Good to have you back and blogging again. I thought you might be interested in the film made by Valerie Kaur (yup, a Sikh woman! Woman!) about the plight of Sikh sardars post 9/11 and other hate crime victims. It is an awesome documentary called "Divided We Fall." Valerie's blog, which talks about the movie, is
On the latest post about the world premiere of the film in Phoenix, I am the Sikh woman she references who told her my story about my beloved sardar husband Gurmukh, who is shouted at in many cities to "go back to your own country."
I recently met Valerie at the world premiere of the film in Phoenix, AZ. She chose to have it there to honor the family of Balbir Singh Sodhi, and they were all in attendance. It was a great event. Hopefully you can see the film at some point, or at least read about it on her blog -- it's quite inspirational. And I think the fact that she is a woman shows that Sikh women are capable of standing by sardars in their communities, and making these men their brothers, friends, and even husbands.

Glad you're back -- please keep blogging.

1:55 PM, September 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

only 7 comments????
come on ppl you can do better then that!

5:53 AM, September 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Dr Harry,
i mus say i look upto ur blog fr sm inspiration.. i keep cmin back once a week to chek fr new posts.
i think i shld strt smthing similar like findingahubbie.. coz my parents r all geared up fr this man hunt n this surely is no less than n ordeal.readin ur story helps me find solace.god!i never knew ladka ya ladki milna itna mushkil hota hai :(...i presumed things ll b better in usa or uk... din know its jus like we go thru in india
neways wish u gud luck!!
will cme back agn .
miss G frm india !

4:43 PM, September 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

c'mon harry
post a blog already

8:47 AM, October 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alright harry any update?

12:55 PM, October 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Guru Gobind Singh is the Indweller of Souls. He is the vision that vitalizes the decaying the finite centers of life with the touch of the Infinite. Name Him and you are transported. Name Him and you ride very death to His Door. Woe be for the day, who, surrendering their soul to the false brilliance of any intellect, the disciples of the Glorious Guru would turn their back on Him – once before in history, they did so. The disciples left Him at Anandpur. But they found no place to go to. Wives denied their husbands, mothers their sons, sisters their brothers – for the Punjabi Sikh woman truly saw there is no life but with Him. What is the world without Him? So they died. So they lived."

Excerpt from Article " Guru Gobind Singh Ji" by ProfL Puran Singh.

Write something so beautiful about Punjabi Sikh Woman and you will have my respect. Just like you I try to defend our identity among the people who don't know anything about Sikhism. Few weeks ago I was talking to an old American Woman about Sikh identity. I told her you can identify Sikh man by his royal dastaar. She asked me " How do you identify Sikh woman"
I said " You identify a Sikh ( male/female) by their royal dastaar and they are ones who have entered shrine of acceptance, understood reverence, have wonder in their eyes, and always love spiritual beauty.

I have noticed that you have very often concentrated on Sikh woman in terms of gender. Just for once look at them as "Sikh" and you will find a Sikh ( woman) who respects you for being a Sikh.
If you can't see Sikhi in them then how can you expect them to see Sikhi in you.

10:32 AM, October 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i miss talking to you

10:28 PM, October 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Harry! I just by chance happened to come across ur blog today. Quite sad to hear your stories.
Actually, I too have had some bad experiences...but with Sikh men! One even told me to cut my hair and I would look better! And like your friends, I too have come to the conclusion that if Sikh men cannot appreciate me, I will find love elsewhere! That does not make me a lesser Sikh!

2:20 AM, October 26, 2006  

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