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Saturday, May 12, 2007

From End to Beginning

This blog has come to its natural end. This blog was intended to describe my experiences as a turbaned guy trying to find a soul mate. Complex issues that spanned across the dogmas of male-female relationships, racist attitudes and our own sometimes irrational fears. At any rate, this blog later morphed into my personal ode to a woman I knew as C. The mystery of C.

With passage of time, people change and things change.The winds of time carve out different things out of people and things. What remains sometimes are some dregs of emotions. Something similar happened to me. With time, C and I drifted apart. To be honest. there was a lot of drama involved here that should beat any day spa on tv any time of the day but in the interest of time and dignity, suffice it to say that the severance was not a smooth process. There was blood, there was grime and finally the cord was cut.

To condense these events over time, C went on to find another man and is happily dating and enjoying the joys of life. On my side, well, I am not doing too bad either. I am finally engaged. You heard it right, Harry Singh finally laid down his arms and held his arms up in surrender, only to be touched by an angel, clad in white, with a smile that can send sunshine down the deepest crevices of netherlands (not mine,but in general). So, yeah, I am engaged and am going to marry her in the next few months.

As I lay the final stone on this blog, I am also laying the foundation of a new blog, " The Arranged Marriage". I will describe the experiences of a guy who was vehemently opposed to the idea of arranged marriage and now will learn the ways of the new world. So, those of you, who are interested, please stay tuned in.

One last word. This blog has C written all over it. It is sort of my Taj Mahal, where memories of the past are interred. The bricks of this edifice are glued together with my feelings and emotions. The echos of her laughter will bounce off the walls of this structure. It will be a monument dedicated to the year 2006 when two strangers met and had wierd but sometimes funny interactions. However, we must move on and old things must die so that new ones may live.

In the next few days, I will start my new blog with pictures of my self and fiancee and a brief description of the twist in the time-space-continuum that brought us together.