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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Write No Evil

In this era of blogging, I think it is about time that the three monkeys signifying "Hear no evil, See no evil, Say no evil" get a new friend. A new monkey depicting "Write No evil". Over the past few months of writing this blog, I have had a few "slings and arrows" of nasty comments hurled at me. However, none of those have offended me as the ones posted recently. I almost can't believe them. Most of them are not even directed at me and yet I feel offended.

I am a proud Sikh. I love my religion but that does not mean that people can automatically assume that I hate other religions. I respect other religions and cultures, be it Hinduism, Christianity or any other. I am only too aware of the excesses against Sikhs but hate and diffuse malice are no answers. I and this blog are against fundamentalism, bigotry and intolerance of any kind, in any shape and form. So, if my tolerant views make you throw up or indulge in any other offensive biological action, please find another place in the open pastures.

And C, sweetie, I am missing you.

I miss you with every breath I take,
Every moment that I am awake,
With every cake that I bake,
I miss you, for God's sake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry. saw the previous blog. its unfortunate.

Anyway. I have been looking around for sometime now. I faced some of the same issues as you:
1- jatt/non jatt. Really, I dont understand what the deal is.... I met this girl who told me you are a nice person and we should keep in touch, if she is not able to find a jatt after 6 months, she would consider me. She is having trouble finding educated jatts.My response was that its best for her to look only for a jatt chap if it is so important to her. After all, she should be happy and make no compromises.
2-Turban/non turban issue- A girl turned me down saying that she would ideally like to find someone who is more broad minded by just the mention of the fact that I wear a turban. I wish I had a broader head.
3-FOB issue- yes, does exist. But nobody has been rude to me yet. Americans really know the art of refusing politely

All that said, as of after 1 month of search, I have talked/met/exchanged views with at least a bunch of sikh women who were really interested in me. All of them either prefered someone gursikh, or didnt care that much. All of them are highly educated, very very nice to talk to, and extremely good looking. And yes, some even think I am cute even with a turban :-)

So what you are pointing out does exist, but then women who would like you for who you are also exist.

Well I guess you have "C" now. But in anycase, khuda-na-khaasta, you have to resume your search, keep my experiences in mind

yours ever truly
The omnipresent

11:24 PM, April 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anon's comment I would like to add one more issue:

Counrty of Birth Issue:

Are you born and raised in Canada/America/UK type issue.

99.9% girls born here think people born in these countries are only eligible.

What a tregic racism ! Not based on colour of skin, but based on birthplace over which an individual has no control like skin colour.

What a racist society ! who blame whites for being racists when they are racist themselves !

What a hypocracy ! People who proclaim to be tollerent of others caste, creed and religion, manifestly discriminate against people born in their OWN parents' home country.

3:28 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good point!
I hope somebody is listening!

6:38 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a racist society ! who blame whites for being racists when they are racist themselves !

Not true. Infact most so called ABCDs I have met dont care much about the race.

Its just a matter of where and in what society you have brot up would want to find someone who has a similar background to spend your life with. thatz it. Being the same race does help matters, but not much.

7:53 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon You wrote:

"Not true. Infact most so called ABCDs I have met dont care much about the race".


There was a time in the history of Canada when blacks were denied entry to Canada based on their place of birth, reasoning that blacks are not suitable for climate/whether of Canada. This racist immigration practice was so deplored that NOW you have an immigration system that does not distinguish between place of birth.

Also the practice suitability based on different cultural background has been abandoned NOW in Canada.

When an ABCD discriminates based on birthplace, there is a sense of cultural superiority in ABCD's mind, i.e. western culture is superior to backward eastern culture. This is a prime example of racism that Hitler also practiced believing in the superiority of German race, expelling all other races from Germany, killing jews in gas chambers.

And ABCD's assumption is also wrong when they think that eastern culture is backward and western culture is modern. In the age of information explosion, media, TV, films,and internet, the world has become a global village and the culture, fashion and trends have blended, so that no culture is backward and none modern. This is especially true in the case of educated population who has an access to tools of information explosion.


ABCD's wrongly assume that eastern people have backward or different cultural background. THEY are far modern and far more ducated than westerns assume wrongly about them.

9:29 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just adding one point more to the above post #5:

There was a time when white people used to think that the colour of skin makes a people backward or modern. Becasue of this racist attitude the white world didn't allow the brown and blacks in the same restaurants and train compartments.

Now we see another kind of racism when ABCDs think that because of place of birth, and not the colour of skin, a people become culturally backward or modern or even different and aliens.

For God's sake people from India are not from moon, they are not aliens, they are as much educated and culturally adavnced as you are, then why this birthplace based discrimination ?

An Indain born person can do disco as good as a western; an indian born person has as much knowledge of Kant, Aristotle, J.S Mill, Locke, Shakespear, Newton, Einstein and any other western scientist, poet, and liberal theorist as an ABCD might have.

An Indian born person sees as many Holywood movies as an ABCD might watch.

They watch same CNN, and BBC on the TV as a western do.

Then what cultiral difference or what background makes you superior and the Indain born inferior to an ABCD.

When an Indian born doesn't discriminate an ABCD for being born here then why you hate him or see him a different specie from a different planet or background.

Why the land of whites make everyone racist when the whites have already abandoning this practice.

11:20 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for some typos in the above post

11:23 PM, April 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"struggling sikh woman" ... looking for you... pls respond.

Inawe Singh

p.s. if anybody thinks they can takeover my identity as your seeker, i will send you a picture of me in a THC plantation
(red shirt, white shorts) i'm sure noone else can do the same... so back off boys - she's mine.

4:33 AM, April 14, 2006  

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