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Thursday, February 02, 2006

So kyon manda Akhyia....

Friends, sisters and Blog readers, I am lovin' it. It is so interesting to know what my peers think about the issues I consider very important. I respect everybody's opnion. I understand that this blog might have acquired a slightly sexist tone but I assure you that I respect women. Even those who have and continue to break my heart. The title of this post is what Shri Guru Nanak Devji has enjoined upon all of us to do. And certainly, I am a zealous follower of that. For those of you who might not be familiar with Gurbani, here is a simple paraphrase: "Why should be slander the women for they are those who have borne the kings?"

I think it is really a chicken and egg problem. And it is impossible to ferret out a cause and effect relationship. Do Sikh men want to change their appearance because they feel that Sikh women would rather prefer them shorn of what their religion has bestowed upon them? Or is it the other way round? Do Sikh women want clean shaven guys because there is a paucity of Gursikhs? The longer I ponder over these questions, the more the former appears to be closer to the truth. I am certainly biased, given an ordinary mortal that I am. Some of you have rightly observed that the both the sexes are responsible for the corruption that has almost become rampant in our faith. I also don't think it is a lost battle. It is a battle worth fighting for and I am all for picking up the arms.

Ok. I also think that in all this hubbub, the object of my mission is perhaps getting lost, which is, if I may remind you, my wife. You guys can fight out among yourself but please be cognizant of the fact that I am still sleeping with my mistress (aka loneliness) and I am sick of her. I need to move on. Like the surface of the moon, my heart also has a lot of craters. I have now started to name some of those lest I should forget who caused which one. In my next few posts, I shall describe the anatomical features of those craters. So, why don't we all hang up our swords for a while and focus on what is also very important to me: the extermination of my bachelorhood.

Last but not least, for the brother who wants me to be more confident, I appreciate your advise but this is what I learnt in school:"Fools walk in where angels fear to tread". I am all for confidence and I know girls liks confident dudes. I have tried that and trust me that has landed me in some very awkward situations. More on this later...


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