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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Guilty as charged

I guess I will have to plead guilty to the charges of "pathetic" and "judgemental" I am accused of. I am indeed a salt and pepper mix of those things but I will have to say that I have other spices as well. Here is a snippet from Sex and the City:" You shouldn't judge anybody till you have walked a mile in their shoes". I urge you to walk a block in mine before making up your mind. But honestly, things are not that bad. I seem to employ the tool of hyperbole a bit in excess to make my points. Perhaps, I should use it more sparingly.

V Day was not that bad. I decided to dress up in the spirit of the day. I put on a neat maroon turban and a red striped shirt to match it. Work was usual but then I ran into this cutie at work for whom I have always had the hearts for (in a shareef way) even though I know she is already dating someone else. She smiled and asked me:" Harry, you are all dressed up in red today. What's up?". I replied:" Miranda(not her real name), it's all for you. I am your rose today. Complete with petals and a stick." This was culminated by the blink of my left eye. She blushed, smiled and bit her lower lip and said" Stupid". Now, my cousins who have been educating me since childhood in female body language would have told me that it was a good sign. Just kidding. Just a funny thing that happened today.

Later, I met up with my friends and spent some time togther listening to romantic hindi songs and fantasising about our honey's.

On a different note, it seems that the FOB vs ABD argument is kinda getting steamy. I apologise if somebody's feelings have been hurt by stuff on this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gawd, you come off so sleazy, or at least as trying way too hard. I can just hear it in my mind, "just for you", with an appropriately fobby accent. gross!

and a man who watches sex in the city is one no woman wants. They may think so, but really, deep down, they don't.

12:03 AM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex in the City, a show all about adultery. Even Charlette was an adulterer.

The rose thats very sweet. to be honest what a wonderful thing to have such a rose.

2:17 PM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OKAY Anonymous (both)'s just a freakin' show that even you know you watch. Get off it! stop placing ridiculous judgements on people (harry).

And how do you know Charette is an adulterer? you must be an avid watcher as well. wouldn't you agree?


8:22 PM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

harry is putting his life out there. If not for our amusement, then what?

no one is asking him to post repeatedly about his lack of a wife or girlfriend. Maybe our honest criticism will help him.

8:40 PM, February 15, 2006  
Anonymous Singh Rite said...

LOL...damn harry, you're one smooth playa my man...

no jokes dude, that was very smooth at office.

1:21 PM, February 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, so smooth it was greasy.

1:57 PM, February 16, 2006  

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