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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Ray of Roshni?

It is my intention to bring all my friends uptodate with the developments so far. I intend to apprise you of all the potential candidates that I have met so far and the reasons why it has not worked out so far. That should be an interesting story to tell and I am trying to find time to narrate it.
In the meantime, I recieved word from one of my local contacts in Houston that there is a girl he would like me to meet. This contact has actually been my mentor in other things as well and I respect him a lot. Anyways, this girl is a software person. She is an ABCD and apparently belongs to a nice Gursikh family. Her brother is some sort of a lawyer and you know what they say about lawyers. Hopefully, the girl does not have the litiginous streak in her. Anyways, here comes the surprising part. She belongs to a Jat family and her family does not have any hangups about the boy being a non-Jat. Well, ordinarily,I would raise my left eyebrow at that but hey "never say never". Anywho, I am supposed to go to their house this weekend as they have the langar at their house for some reason. My friend cum mentor is supposed to accompany me. Earlier, I used to feel somewhat nervous about these things. I mean going to some stranger's house and touching everybody's feet and calling everybody uncleji and auntijii. I know this is all good stuff but I would still feel slightly uncomfortable with all this.

But now I think I am becoming a veteran at this. I pretty much know what is coming. There will be myriads of people with their piercing eyes and calculating looks trying to poke at me to find out what stuff I am made of. And then there will be my potential princess, as nervous and uncomfortable as I was ages ago........anyways, i don't want to jinx anything right now. I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully you will too. Needless to say, all the minute details shall be recorded while respecting my and their privacy. So, hold your breath.....


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