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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The beginning

I never thought I will ever have the stomach to do this but i guess "never say never". Ok, here it goes. I am one of the countless young indian professionals who has left the homeland to earn a living. I am also one of the countless young Indian guys who is waiting to be tied to the yoke of an "arranged marriage". My parents and I guess,I have been looking for a wife for me for the past two years. This search for a perfect Indian wife has generated some very interesting experiences for me and well, I thought I needed to record those for myself and my friends. Every time,I return from India, I am swamped with questions mostly centered around the eternal question: "Have you found her?". Rather than regurgitating my stories over and over again, I decided to create this blog. Hopefully, this should provide a means of catharsis for me to clear out my system of those sometimes sweet, sometimes sour but always fascinating experiences as well as serve to quench the curiosity of my friends and cousins.


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